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Overhyped & Overpriced Supplements

They are always a pain, never a blessing!

Let's dive in.

There are basically two categories of health supplements: basic and specialty.

Incidentally, the latter is also the playground for expensive and popular media hype. Many of us have fallen prey to supplement hucksters who are hell-bent on profits—either with or without our knowledge.

I've listed “The Big Five” rip-off specialty supplements here.

  1. The miracle-cure supplement
  2. The this-is-hot supplement
  3. The the-more-the-better supplement
  4. The I’m-a-doctor-you-should-trust-me supplement
  5. The I’m-well-known-you-should-trust-me-too supplement

Sometimes it's not easy to see through the thick layer of marketing and advertising hype. These companies usually have impressive websites; realistic testimonials from satisfied users; “supportive” documents; some even have famous personalities lining up to give their support.

So is it any surprise that overhyped supplements are overpriced?

Quality wise, some are no better than those you find at your local pharmacies. Nothing justifies inferior quality products whether they sabotage your health or not.

Nutritional Supplements: Do You Need Them?

YES! And here's why.


We know the fact that vitamins and minerals are essential to human health. To maintain good healthy bodies, we require a cocktail of 59 nutrients daily including 13 vitamins and 22 minerals.

For the simple reason that the human body is unable to manufacture most of what it needs, these nutrients, therefore, must be obtained from the food we eat.

Unfortunately today, our so called healthy diet isn’t so healthy anymore. The paper by David Thomas: “A study on the mineral depletion of the foods available to us as a nation over the period 1940 to 1991” shows an alarming result:


(loss of minerals %)

(loss of minerals %)


Listed below are other MAJOR factors that can deprive the body of important nutrients and cause energy blockages, thus weakening its immune system and defense against oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

  1. Poor diet leading to poor digestion
  2. Excessive smoking and drinking too much alcohol
  3. Poor stress/emotional management
  4. Taking oral contraceptives
  5. Lack of sunlight
  6. Overuse of antibiotics, laxatives
  7. Old age, sickness and accidents

The Solution?

Take the appropriate multivitamins and other nutritional supplements to ensure the body gets adequate levels of nutrients.

What About Nutrients for the Mind?

First, let's get this right. The brain, which is part of the body, is not the mind. Yet, we're body-and-mind, not a body with a separate mind. Without the body the mind is helpless, without the mind, the body is useless. They work hand in glove.


You see, unlike the brain, the mind is a continuous process, formless; it's an activity of thinking, perceiving, feeling, analysing, etc. that can either disrupt or promote the flow of energy.

While we can provide natural micro-nutrients with high vibrational energy to help correct or regulate biochemical and energy imbalances in the brain/body, we can't treat a formless process, aka the "mind" with the often hyped-up wonder "mental" supplements (or drugs for that matter)! So, don't kid yourself.

In my view, the best mind "nutrient" is none other than mindfulness itself. Simply put, mindfulness is about living in the present, in the now, moment by moment. This is true living. Living in the past or future, on the other hand, is an illusion. If you continue playing its game, undue distress in our mind-energy-body system is what you'll be getting.

However, with mindfulness, the mind is clear and open; we feel more at peace and calm, yes, even in the midst of the storm! By decluttering the mind we help remove energy stagnancy or blockages and when energy is flowing well in and through our body, we'll experience a sense of comfort, ease and confidence, naturally.

Gifts for the Mind

mind music

I can't wait to share this with you now. While I usually don't send my visitors away from the home page, this is truly exceptional.

20 life-changing gifts for peace of mind, deep relaxation and profound thinking! Can you feel my excitement?

Personally, I feel this is one of the best "mind" gifts we can share with anyone. So do your mind a big favor and grab those goodies. But remember to come back. ;-)

In a Nutshell

Your health directly affects the quality of your life and those around you. Therefore, taking the right micro-nutritional supplements and engaging in powerful mind-nutrient healing activities are the sure-fire ways to give your body-mind-energy a boost. And if this is done regularly, you can ensure the process flow is smooth and efficient.

However, there are bound to be someone who will try to disparage you from using supplements by saying: They only produce expensive urine! or Take the cheapest brand.

Truly unbelievable! I'll let you be the judge on these preposterous statements.

Alright, that's all for now folks. I hope this will at least give you a bird's-eye view of the subject matter. Feel free to post a comment or two in the Facebook box (located at the end of each article) and last but not least, your "Like" is very much appreciated. ;)

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